Nerul Sri Ayyappa temple, managed by Nerul Sri Ayyappa Seva Samithi a charitable organization registered under The Bombay Public trust act vide A-926 (THN) is in Sector 17 of Nerul (East) node of Navi Mumbai.
In December 1995, Nerul Sri Ayyappa temple was constructed with three Sreekovils (sanctum sanctorum) for Lord Ayyappa, Lord Ganapati, and Devi Bhadra. The consecration of these temples was performed on 19th June 1996. From there on pooja and other religious activities are being conducted as per temple traditions.
In consonance with the devaprasnam (astrological findings) of year 2007, the temple was renovated and reconstructed with addition of deities of Krishna, Shiva, Subramanian, and Naga devata. The prana pratishta of the newly reconstructed temple was performed on July 10, 2013, and was open to devotees for darshan from July 13, 2013.
The presiding deity Lord Ayyappa, Upadevata viz, Devi Bhadra, Lord Ganapati, Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Subramanian, Lord Vettakkoru Makan (Shiva) are having separate Sreekovils in the temple complex and Naga devata is having a nagathara.
Lord Ayyappa, Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Shiva, and Naga devatas are facing west while Devi Bhadra, Lord Ganapati and Lord Subramanian are facing east within the temple complex.